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Miles Davis Lyrics

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George Wilson

This is how the night sounds.

Mandi S

Perfect description

Lanee Herndon

Despite my son being autistic he is four and all we listen to is jazz , classical and afro-carribean and of course the blues and its distant cousin R&B.. He has been able to point out all the instruments being played during one session since he was two yrs old. Its starts at home; and no better way to evoke creativity than music. So why not start with the very best ,Miles Davis!!

Janet PrincessNaija

Miles davis is legendary thee untouchable if u don't have miles in u collection u don't know music

suspended animation

I was 10 when this came out. By then I was already a huge hip-hop fan. Not the type who had all the tapes but the type who knew he was in love. My mom bought this and we were dead broke. But she always had the ear for the good shit. She put me on to Miles Davis, B52s, Steely Dan, Robert Cray and Sade. I love her for that and everything else she did for us.


I remember my Mom bought the cassette when I was 6. This came out 91/92. Good album

Blakghost The Bronx Turntablist

You and me both. i was already a hip hop fan at the age of 5, but when the 90s came around, thats when hip hop was getting more creative. This track right here is sooooooo cold.

diamond webb

Your mom is cool thank you for sharing a piece of her.

Dino Glen

Your Mom has great taste (good ear) ;-)


This is the most mysterious tune for Miles... So cold.. so lonely....

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