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Miles Davis Lyrics

Miles Davis - flugelhorn
Bernie Glow - Lead trumpet
Ernie Royal - Trumpets
Louis Mucci - Trumpets
Taft Jordan - Trumpets
John Carisi - Trumpets
Frank Rehak - Trombones
Jimmy Cleveland - Trombones
Joe Bennett - Trombones
Tom Mitchell - Bass trombone
Willie Ruff - Horns
Tony Miranda - Horns
Bill Barber - Tuba
Lee Konitz - Alto sax
Danny Bank - Bass clarinet
Romeo Penque - Flute and clarinet
Sid Cooper - Flute and clarinet
Paul Chambers - Bass
Art Taylor - Drums

Contributed by Elijah L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Dirty Sanchez

Wood glue

Poke Headroom


Ray Curry

I hate you😂😂❤ We starting 2020 strong hahaha

Romeo Lajh

@Lukmanul Hakim 29.11.2019 me to :)

Lukmanul Hakim

23rd November 2019, 2.30AM - Youtube recommends me a video on how to clean a record using wood glue. And then leads me to search for this song.

Good video, good music, good times.

Vinegar Skeleton

"I'm gonna try to clean my copy of Miles ahead by Miles Davis with wood glue"


This tune was written by my father, John E. Carisi and is one of my favorites. Miles and the Orchestra are sublime.

Michael DEAK

PeterdeLappe007 Love your dad’ music! I’ve always wanted to get the sheet music for his material...could never figure out how to get it... I’m a jazz pianist-composer; I’ve always wanted perform your dad’s works.

burningrabbit acres

Gil called Miles one morning, 3 am. He said to Miles " if you're ever depressed Miles, just listen to 'Springsville'." Miles loved Gil and this tune. We are blessed with the art of music. So human, so divine.


"Miles if you ever get depressed listen to this song " - Gil Evans

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