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Basin Street Blues
Miles Davis Lyrics

Won't you come along with me
To the Mississippi
We'll take a boat to the land of dreams
Steam down the river, down to New Orleans

The band's there to meet us
Old friends there to greet us
Where all the proud and elite folks meet
Heaven on earth, they call it Basin Street

Basin Street is the street
Where the best folks always meet
In New Orleans, land of dreams
You'll never know how nice it seems,
Or just how much it really means

Glad to be, oh yes-sirree
Where welcome's free and dear to me
Where I can lose, lose my Basin Street Blues

Basin Street, oh Basin Street
Is the street, mama
New Orleans, land of dreams

Written by: Spencer Williams

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Comments from YouTube:

Thomas DaSilva

I envision walking down a city street as it snows in the winter, streetlights bouncing off the falling powder...

William Dixon

I vision walking down a street at night time after leaving a bar after drinking a couple of beers with this in my head. R.I.P. Miles

Productive Paste



Best Jazz in the world right here.

Jim OReilly

Victor favorite...soulful...bluesy...understated...classy...real classy...

Mike Riley

Vicrtor Feldman is so sweet. Classy, understated accompaniment, less is more, spot on.
6:30 when he kicks in with his solo. Mannnnnnnnnnnn.

William Dixon



Same with 'Summer Night'


it is a fecking tidy solo, I'll give you that.

Clyde Satterfield

Why can't I meet more people like you who actually listen

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