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Miriam Makeba Lyrics

The rain has moved on
And left a new day
Nothing seems to move, everything is still
It's just a perfect day
The shadows and light
That move with the wind
Hidden violets grow splashed with summer spray
Just another perfect day
On the wild and misty hillside
Fear is nature's warning
Hunger here is never far away
And all of this world
Is for children who play
Days that never end, always should remain
Another perfect day

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Errol Swan

This an ethnic song. 

Makeba is singing in the Zulu language, and about Zulu culture and history.  She is Xhosa (same ethnic group as Nelson Mandela).  The song tells how she will not go to Zulu land because that's where her mother died.  Presumably, this is the land where young girls who are ready to be married (Izintombi) bathe in a love portion that makes men cry.  Makeba' s Xhosa mother could not compete with this kind of portion (we guess this is how she died). 

She (Makeba) sings she wouldn't date in Zululand; she will not date in the land of the traditional.  This is the land in which Shaka used his spears to conquer his enemies (the Xhosa).

Makeba's song can be interpreted as a protest against Zulu cultural hegemony, or it can also be interpreted as a song that brings awareness of the different ethnicities that make up the rainbow nation.

Of course, this is a folk song designed to pass on cultural history.

Ntuthuko Zwane

Kukhali insizwa = Kukhali = Ku = Khoi = Nkomo = Gombe = Ngobe = Ncube (these are the Ndlela Hlubi's who are Swati-Sothos who live mostly around and in Lesotho - the Lesotho King is from this clan - Khambule-Ndlela-Seme-Msweli-Siwela-Nsele-Mthiyane etc.). Khai is also the Khali or Giga or Kiga (or Kigali) of the Ndlovu/Tlou clan of Zulu-Sothos. They are also Swazis, so you will find a lot in Swaziland. They are a Ntombi clan. Ndlela in Sibiya folklore is called Manyelela or Nyerera in Nyanja/Chewa in Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique or Jele or Njelele or Nzhelela in Venda.

Ngai is also the progenitor of the Gikuyu with Mumbi who then bore Mukuyu (a fig tree or mKhiwane as we call it in South Africa). They say Khiwane came from heaven but do not seem to be aware than Zulu = Heaven.The Gikuyu and Barolong and Mhlongo and Langa-Dlomo clan is one. The Khai can is coastal and is mostly in South Coast KZN.

Insizwa = amaDoda = Dingo Dinga = Dikodai (Zikode??? or Roda or Kodey) - to bear a Zulu royal now, you would have to be of Insizwa + Intombi heritage amongst other things. AmaDoda also Donda or Tota or Dodinga or Dodika or Dodida or Dolinda. I think the Ndwandwe and the Khumalos and other Langa-Mntungwa people fit in here. These become kings and Zwane becomes Prime Minister.

Angiqomi KwaZulu - I do not get married to a Zulu. She cannot get married to a Zululand man by custom BUT,

Ngiqom' emaBhaceni - ngiqoma emaBhaceni - AmaBhaca are Zulu, by the way, from Ntombela of the Zwane/Zwana as they say it. But they come from Madzane's or Madzikane's line from the Gumedes. But they are Izinsizwa or Amadoda.

This is a song, young girls would sing to carry custom forward on who you can marry and not marry.

Do not forget that Makeba = Mageba. Mageba is the common ancestor of all Zulus. She might have been a Xhosa-speaker but her father was from Swaziland (a territory marked off along colonial lines dividing people who always saw themselves as one with Swazis, in fact, most Zulus are of Swazi or Zwane or Kunene descent. A lot of Swazi residents came from Zululand. Back in the day, we could move freely between territories and they all belonged to all Ngunis.

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feeling nostalgic for northern exposure in 2020.

Željka Gorički

Thank you so much! :)

R Payne

I first heard this song on the 'Northern Exposure' '90's tv programme. Years later I still find myself singing it and humming along to the tune in my head.


It is Zulu lol. THere is no such language as Tanzanian

Željka Gorički

so, do you perhaps know where I could find the lyrics and the translation? thanks in advance!

sharon mogale

her appearance on the Cosby show in season 8 brought me here, legend. Never Forget!

Akayla Whitus

@girlupNorth you can watch it on Filmrise go the cosby show and go to season 8 episode 10 Olivia comes out of the closet


sharon mogale facts


i wish i could find it on here

Charles Mubarak

So haunting, so essential! This is the first music. I wanted this song to be the first song my son ever heard. So when we brought him home from the hospital I made sure this was playing before I would let him be brought into the house. No matter what other problems we may have with him, his taste in music will not be one of them.

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