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The Mark
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max volt

Annihilation fans are you here

juan diego gutierrez


Owais Afzal

I am the fan sound man

Merve Bayram



Natalie Portman fans ❤️

roman dichiara

I am a fan of the film

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Michał P.

When I heard it for the first time in a movie, I felt like I was taking a drug...Amazing...

Parker C

Right, very surreal.

Ryan Brown

I had a group of friends out west we'd take Asyd and listen to this type of music and watch auqa teen and just try to push our 3rd eye out beyond what was

Alexander Emteryd

@MrSlanderer I think what Sherif means is that the movie is kind of similar to a trip. Skips in time, time slowing down or speeding up, orchestrated buildups of what you see and the soundtrack reaching a crescendo at least for me makes my "gut feeling" very similar to a trip as well as the unclear meaning of what is going on and constantly during the movie trying to puzzle together what is going on and what the director is trying to express.

LSD doesn't destroy your brain. If anything after having tried it I have noticed that I have become a much more critical thinker and far more creative. After taking it you feel mentally exhausted and the last thing you want is to take more. It is not like other drugs where you want to fill up with more, it has even made me appreciate soberness and stimulation my mind with reading, learning and creating. Not that I was a heavy drinker before but now I only drink a couple times a year at social gatherings.

Although there certainly are a bunch of people who can't stop mentioning drugs everywhere about everything and it really gets annoying. Although it could also be that the person is not good at getting their point across and resort to comparing it to drugs which is far too prevalent nowadays.

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