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Runaround Man
by Motörhead

We're out of time, we're out of line
We're all out here waiting for a crime
We don't mind, we ain't fooled
We're gonna read you the real bad news
Fire in the hole, bullets in the sky
We know something and we can't tell a lie
Gonna run away, gonna run amok
Gonna run my mouth 'til I run out of luck

Alright, leave me out, give a dog a bone
Been a long time since I've been home
Running over land, running over sea
Get on the dog and talk dirty to me
Running up a street, running up a hill
Hotel telephone running up a bill
Chase my tail, catch me if you can
Don't wanna mess with the runaround man

We're out of cokes, clean out of smokes
It's not funny 'cause we run out of jokes
Going to the movies, babes in the wood
Gonna get a telescope, look real good
Gonna run out, rolling like a rock
Gonna get a girl and she gonna get me off
Gonna be a man, gonna be a fool
Gonna be a dog with a mouthful of booze

Oh yeah, gonna be free, run away to the sea
Gonna be a pirate, you'll never find me
Going over sea, going over land
Get made up like the Elephant Man
Stand in line, waiting for a break
Live in California waiting for a quake
Chase my tail, catch me if you can
Don't you mess around with the runaround man

We're in a hole, we're in a fix
Give the dog a bone and throw me a stick
Don't be a bitch, singing the blues
Don't like the shirt and we don't like the shoes
Gonna walk out, gonna walk away
Gonna walk the dog honey every other day
Gonna be strong, stand your ground
Gonna be funny when they send in the clowns

Hey hey, give me a clue, show me a trick
Go to Brazil and see what you missed
Getting too close getting too near
Don't even know what I'm doing out here
Going too fast never gonna stop
Know how to roll and we know how to rock
Chase my tail do the best you can
You can't mess with the runaround man

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