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I'm So Bad
Motörhead Lyrics

I make love to mountain lions,
Sleep on red-hot branding irons,
When I walk the roadway shakes,

Bed's a mess of rattlesnakes,
Voodoo child, black cat bone,
Scratch your back, hear you moan,
I get up, you go down, tall building, single bound,

War and peace and love, say it if you dare,
Iron fist, velvet glove,
I'm so bad, baby I don't care,

Black-hearted to the bone,
Older than The Rolling Stones,
Been to heaven, been to hell,
Bought the farm, and I won't sell,
Give and take, rise and fall, rise up and take it all,
Secret love, I won't tell, knock you up and ring your bell,

Kiss the whip, eat the gun
Tell me it ain't fair, midnight victim, hit and run,
I'm so bad, baby I don't care,

I make the blind to see
Shoot 'em full of are and be?
I make the lame to walk
Come round and pop your cork
Wham, bam, thank you ma'am
Thought I heard the back door slam
Overkill, walk the line, kill the lights, it's lampshade time

On the road, on the lam, people running scared
I'm everything they say I am
I'm so bad, baby I don't care

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Comments from YouTube:


motorhead made metal cool for punk kids, and made punk cool for metal kids. the jesus of rock

Marc Lévesque

it's not metal


@tripp everyone is equal and worthy🤘🖤🤘



Christopher Sabionski

Lemmy was a smart man. He was an atheist and an anarchist. Stop blaspheming Lemmy by comparing him to a dark myth.

Gérard Mentor

Motorhead made music cool....

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Lemmy Cash

Lemmy is metal's Johnny Cash

Fire Stryker

clint kees he was definitely an important aspect but metal existed before the band made any music

Tommy Revere

@Lemmy Cash your name is awesome btw. They truly lived from a position of fuck you.

Tommy Revere

Maybe Johnny Cash is country's Lemmy.

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