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Sugarcoated Poison Apple
MxPx Lyrics

it eats at you i know, but it's so hard to let it go
let yourself go yah just let yourself go
it consumes you can't you see that sin hates everybody
everybody, sin hates everybody
even though i know the reasons why, it breaks me down i want to cry
i search for comfort in a friend, when will my troubles ever end?
the sugarcoated poisoned apple
tastes so good that you can't see
the death and decay that's inside
and what it's done to me
the sugarcoated poisoned apple
tastes do good how could you know
its deciteful lies
and where you're gonna go

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Comments from YouTube:

Johnny Cash Flow

This is a deep cut! Takes me back to high school days (late '90s).

Laura Streppone

One of my favorites ever! Seeing it Live in like 1996 was so special. ❤️ Always takes me back to being 18 at one of my all time favorite punk shows.

Punk Gaming Retro 'Uncensored'

I have this song as my alarm to get me up in the mornings

Louis Sweet

First MxPx album was Teenage Politics in this song is one of the reason it’s one of my all time favorites

Prince Groove

This song absolutely slaps. Great job, dudes!

Michael McCarthy

Now that’s bringing me back to where it all began for me with this band . 1st song I ever heard from Mxpx!

Felipe Silva

Longa vida ao MXPX,banda perfeita!!!

Cybernight Zero

I got Teenage Politics when I was like 17 and was totally blown away by how good it was.

Micah Carioto

I love this song so much, and get a rush of nostalgia from the hundreds of times I flipped the cassette tape over and over listening to this album.

Jake K

Some of their oldest songs are some of their best!

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