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Grand Guignol
Naked City Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Grand Guignol' by these artists:

Death SS I'll give you a world I've painted red I'll take…
Noyz Narcos Once again zio Marracash Noyz Narcos Grand Guignol La crew …

We have lyrics for these tracks by Naked City:

Blood Duster We are at the summit of the highest mountain We are…
Bonehead Rooaaaaaarr yieeeahh aaaaahhh yoohhh heeeaay Roooooarrrr…

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Comments from YouTube:

Pumpkin Friend

I remember buying this CD. It was my first Zorn purchase. I had only just heard Zorn's name bandied about in relation to Mr. Bungle. I found this CD for $20 in an import section in a Baltimore record shop. It was a Japanese import and felt very grimy and dark and awesome. And was the beginning of a love affair with all things Zorn for some time.


Great stuff

Satan Whxre

Thank you 💓

Connor Tracey

wheres bonehead and hellraiser and thrash jazz assassin and blunt instrument and sack of shit and the blade etc.

Connor Tracey

@Pumpkin Friend oh wow I didn't know this. Thank you 😊

Pumpkin Friend

Perhaps since those were also on Torture Garden this person left them off...

Gabriele Festa

here: https://www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=ccyhnJo00Y4

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