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The Genesis
Nas Lyrics

And you're sitting at home doing this shit?
I should be earning a medal for this
Stop fuckin' around and be a man
There ain't nothin' out here for you

Oh yes, there is, this

Yo Nas
Yo, what the fuck is this bullshit on the radio, son?

Chill, chill, that's the shit God, chill

Ayo, yo, pull down the shade, man, let's count this money, nigga
Ayo, yo Nas, put the Jackson's and the Grants over there
You know what I'm sayin? 'Cause we spending the Jackson's

You know how we get down, baby

True, true

Yo Nas, yo Nas, man, shit is mad real right now in the projects
For a nigga yo, word to mother
All them crab ass rappers
Be coming up to me, man, word to mother, man
I think we need to let them niggas know it's real, man

True indeed, you know what I'm saying?
But when it's real you doing this
Even without a record contract, know what I'm saying?

No question

Niggas doing this since back then

I'm saying regardless how it go down, we gon' keep it real
We tryna see many mansions and, and coupes kid

True, true

Ayo, yo, man, where's Grand Wizard and Mayo at man?
Taking niggas a long time, man

Who got the Phillies? Take this Hennessey

Ayo Dunn! C'mon, c'mon, man stop waving that man
Stop pointing that at me Dunn, take the clip out

Nigga alright, but take this Hennessey man

I'm saying take the clip man
C'mon, take it out

Light them Phillies up, man
Niggas stop fuckin' burning Phillies, man
Light some Phillies up then

Pass that henrock, nigga , act like you know

Yo, we drinking this straight up with no chaser
I ain't fucking with you nigga

I'm saying though, man

What is it, what is it baby?

What is it son, what is it?

You know what time it is

I'm saying man, ya know what I'm saying?
Niggas don't listen man, representing
It's Illmatic

Lyrics Β© Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Fred Braithwaite, Nasir Jones

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First time listening to illmatic, wish me luck

Vinay Gawade

Me to man

Luccas Escobar

@Isaac Ramirez you're right, but I also think that many people also remember other classic songs like The World Is Yours, Life's Bitch, It Ain't Hard To Tell Etc, because there are songs with more views on YouTube

Isaac Ramirez

@Luccas Escobar ok im saying the whole album is known for the classic ny state of mind or thats how i see it and i like the album and all of the songs are alright i just feel like the only thing ppl bring up on the album is ny state of mind

Luccas Escobar

@Isaac Ramirez ok weird that you say you like an album just for a song from it but I guess it's perfect, it's just your opinion

Isaac Ramirez

@Luccas Escobar to be honest i think it goes hard thats the only thing i need for me to consider what is the best song on a album but thats not for everyone

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just max

0:00 a legend is born

the ch.illmatic

Live at the BBQ


Grand Master I was wondering if anyone else noticed

Grand Master

Well that was on Live at the bbq

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