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Good Evening
Near The Parenthesis Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Good Evening' by these artists:

Belly Ft. Kurupt Good evening bitches I am on my business (yeah!) Yeah, I…
Hawkwind Good Evening Mommy Daddy said to me "Get A Job" Mommy Dad…
High Sunn You're the one I've been looking for Your heart seems so…
John Reuben Okay, hold up I’ll make the music if you make it…
Mac Miller Uh, Look Good Evening Yeah When I party in New…
Outasight Good morning, good evening, I hope you like dreaming, You …
Quaker City Night Hawks Good evening from Fort Worth, Texas It's so hot here in…
Splender I believe in chemicals, Sulking eyes and pretty pink water…
Tim Fite Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to "Over Th…

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Comments from YouTube:

Janis Awh

i feel like watching snow falling the glowing lights my own breath, lying on the ground waiting for dawn,knowing im not alone but feel so cold, feeling like crying but there aint any tears on my face, the warmth of the cup of coffee in my hand, the old diaries, the memories, everything stops,now look at the stars, its beautiful :) good night whoevers reading this

Michael Berry

There's something beautiful about holding on tightly to the one you love on a grey, lifeless day. It makes you feel as if the cold winds of life can't reach you and someone is there saying to you "Don't worry, you're not alone. I'm here, I'm holding you tightly and I'll never let you go." How kuch I miss that feeling, like coming home. ;(


Seriously, think abou ti: you're born, and somewhere, some other time, another person is born, and amongst the billions of people knocking about this planet, chance brings you to that one someone who makes your world better than you could ever imagine, a someone you NEED and with whom you only feel complete when holding as the people above! So beautiful.


I (too) keep going to the river to pray...


Quarantine got me revisiting the golden songs

Travis Traul

This makes me feel even more single.

pickles nathan

ha....i feel that way everyday. slipping in and out of times past only to suddenly awaken...and be thankful. and sad. to be awed by the incredible distances we travel just to live moment to moment. and then wonder, where does it lead us next. hoping, maybe, we'll remember someone we loved.

Toki Castah

@xDiirtySanchez Your missing out big time, on this thing called a hart.

Janis Awh

@xDiirtySanchez omg i love you nun


River Mersey...? ;-)

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