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Rider On The Wheel
Nick Drake Lyrics

And now you know my name
But I don't feel the same
But I ain't gonna blame
The rider on the wheel

And I know my song is new
I know it's new for you
I tell you, how it's true
For the rider on the wheel

And round and round we go
We take it, fast and slow
I must keep up a show
For the rider on the wheel
For the rider on the wheel

Know my name
But I don't feel the same
But I ain't gonna blame
The rider on the wheel
The rider on the wheel


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Alejandro Gomez

And now you know my name
But I don't feel the same
But I ain't gonna blame
The rider on the wheel.

You know my song is new
You know it's new for you
I tell you how it's true
For the rider on the wheel.

It was clearly a message for his producer, his mentor and his friends. He didn't wanted to be a product, he just wanted to be himself.

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Ziola Bee

I owe a great debt to the music of Nick Drake for getting me through one of the darkest times of my life. In particular, Time Of No Reply. I listened to this particular album and it meant so much to me when my Mom was in a coma. This and Pink Moon were the only albums that allowed me to fall asleep. Although Nick took his life, he will never know how important his life was for me, many years later. Thank you, Mr. Drake, wherever you are...your music is irreplaceable. <3 This song brings it back.

Øyvind Finne

He was severly depressed and at periods almost catatonic. In the book Remembered for a while there is a diary written by his father that documents the state of Nick in his last days. There is no doubt he was depressed and barely functioning in his last days. You can also hear this in his last songs (Hanging from a star and black eyed dog). I think his sister said it better than anyone else in the end of the "A stranger amongst us" documentery regarding the anti depressant". "But Im just not sure they would have killed him if he hadn't wanted to die" The question if he commited suicide or not is irrelevant and presuming that he either meant to so or not is just your personal opinion and not a fact. Any fan of Nick that is sure of one or the other doesn't have a clue. If you are truly interested in the story of Nick and doesn't take random youtube comments as facts I highly recommend the book "Remembered for a while".


@lymehausdj8 Hi! I haven't read anything about Nick, so not as informed as you. I thought he took many pills, but maybe not. How many did he take? Did they do an autopsy?

Chuck Itall

I belive after watching and reading all i can it was an accident. actually not even an accident i blame doctors for prescribing dangerous drugs just to make people feel numb and not deal with whatever was the root cause of a depression. I suffer it too and i battle with the mindset and sadness and melancholia he obviously suffered from...sometimes that melencolia is a beautiful painful thing that some people just feel life that way. You can hear it in his art. I think he was intelligent enough to see how very fleeting and hard it can be but if you don't also embrace some joy and gratitude in life you might end up so depressed you can die of a broken heart as well. I almost did once.
I doubt he tried to kill himself especially the way he was found, face down in his bed off to the side like he fell that way . or perhaps like a sparrow his heart beat to fast and strongly for this world.

honey buzzard

It could have been an accident.
Personally when I learned of his demise,First thought was an Accident. But then all this stuff came about that he was depressed, blah, blah, he looked bad, blah, blah.
That's why I'm careful about who I talk to about my depression...if anything ever happens like gets Blamed, and you look Crazy...
He is so Beautiful...

honey buzzard

Thank You Mr.Drake
I know your EVERYWHERE.

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Heather Autumn

What a tender, fragile song. Very much portrays the thoughts of someone who feels separate from the world. A very sensitive, pure soul.

Andrea Wagner

I can completely relate to him ....this world....... :(

Aqkqk Eqkqk

Cool perspective!

Heather Autumn

DistractedByPixels hope everything is okay with you. chin up, friend.

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