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Greatest Moments Of
Oliver Mtukudzi Lyrics

Bvongodza Muto Anobvongodza muto kuseva kwe akaguta Kwakubvongodza muto kus…
Chikara Zviuya zviri mberi Zviuya zviri mberi Zviuya zviri mberi Zv…
Hariputirwe Rinemanyanga hariputirwe Rinemanyanga hariputirwe Rinemanyan…
Hear Me Lord Hear lord Hear me I pray Help me now help me lord Help…
Mhakure Ramba wakaitarisa mumaziso usacheuka iwe usacheuke cheuke in…
Moto Moto (Moto moto, kana vhunze chairo) (Moto moto, kana vhunze chai…
Neria Neria Neria ho Usawore moyo ka Neria Mwari anewe Usawore moy…
Rirongere Gare ha gare arikare Nhasi aharambe arinhasi Ramankwana arip…
Shanda Munemi nangarai mune dj Munemi nangarai mune dj (shanda mwan…
Todii Ho todii (senzeni) What shall we (tingadii) Senzenjani (what…
Wake Up Wake up (open your eyes) Wake up (open your eyes) Wake up…
Wasakara Bvuma bvuma iwe Bvuma bvuma chete Bvuma wasakara Bvuma wawu…


on Raki

you miss leading people about the meaning of the song raki..... Oliver was wandering how lucky some are and where luck comes from and who gives luck basically... not about the traditional beer no no!

Masibae Shumbaress

on Nyanga Yenzou (Munoshusha)

Lol the person who translated this is definitely not native. FYI Zim used to use English money (ma Pondo) pounds prior to independence. Basically the singer (a son-in-law) who paid bride price in full is complaining that his Father-in-law (tezvara) keeps trying to extort him (Nyanga ye nzou and chipembere, elephant tusk and rhino horn respectively are illegal so how can the son-in-law meet the unreasonable demands?)

Ransom M

on Mbiri hurimbo

I'm afraid the translation is off by quite a margin. This song is about being famous and the consequences of fame. He basically implies that if he had known the consequences of being famous he might not have pursued the career he pursued. He speaks of how God gave some talents or gifts that allow them to enjoy success peacefully. He likens fame to "hurimbo", a sticky substance used to trap birds. He also, in the first verse uses the metaphor of an owl, saying "If I'd recognized an owl while it was still a chick, I would have said 'No way', because rearing it has consequences." Owls are viewed as bad omens, creatures used in witchcraft, bad luck like a black cat. So yeah, the translation is way off.

Ransom M

on Mbiri hurimbo

(Mbiri ikanamira hurimbo) hurimbo

Fame is a trap

Ransom M

on Mbiri hurimbo

Ndaigara ndati kwete bodo

I would have said no in the first place

Ransom M

on Mbiri hurimbo

Vamwe makavapa chipo, chipo chisina mbiri

Some you gave gifts, gifts with no fame


on Mbiri hurimbo

Any one can give the meaning of Jehova une Masimba

Juliet David

on Hakuna Zita

Lots of love from Port Harcourt Nigeria. I love his all his music too much


on Vachakunonokera

Great song , especially the jazz kick

Nester Manyika

on Akoromoka awa

Thumbs up samas ndoroondo tinayo yamakatisiira

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