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Petites Esquisses D'Oiseaux : I. Le Rouge-Gorge
Olivier Messiaen Lyrics

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00:01 I - Le Rouge gorge (Erithacus rubecula)
02:29 II - Le Merle noir (Turdus merula)
04:44 III - Le Rouge gorge (Erithacus rubecula)
07:18 IV - La Grive musicienne (Turdus ericetorum)
09:42 V - La Rouge gorge (Erithacus rubecula)
12:38 VI - L'Alouette des champs (Alauda arvensis)


Some of these colours I have never heard before ...

Felix Deckers

It's made by Messiaen while he was writing down quite literally what he heard or thought about when he listened to the birds

Malvin Risan

Interesting explanation! I see what you mean. But yet he evokes so many different colors, i feel, from this technique.

tuputa madre

Anytime you heard the messiaen sound its usually counterpoint between some semidiatonic motive and chords made up of 2nds and 4ths from notes derived from his 9 tone scale

usually in polyrytmic or polymetric formations and isometric rythms

Malvin Risan

It's beautiful, but I have no idea how this is made. 20th century music is a big mystery to me.

Malvin Risan

This is great. A late work of Messiaen that i haven't heard yet. Fun!

Malvin Risan

Love it. Gets prettier the more i hear it.

Jamma Mamma

They're speaking. Can't you hear?


I can't find the words to say how I'm touched and moved by this work and this performance. It's incredibly gorgeous..

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