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Something In The Past
One Way Lyrics

We we're together
Living as one
Until something happened
One day our love was gone

Always seems to be
Something in the past
Won't let us pass by

Always seems to be
Something in the past
Won't let us last by

We we're together
Our love was very strong
Until you waited, brought
Up something from the past
Which broke up our lovely home

Always seems to be
Something in the past
Won't let us pass by
Always seems to be
Something in the past
Won't let us pass by

I want you, do you want me forever
I want you, do you want me

Don't bring it up
Don't bring it up
Don't keep bringin up the past
I've loved you forever

Some people win
Some people loose
Some always cryin' the blues, yea
Some people win
Some people lose
Some always being misused yea

I've loved you forever(ooh ooh ooh ooh)
Don't keep bringing up the past(aah aah aah)

As you may understand
We've been lovin each other a long time
Something like this will just break up EVERYTHING
We,ve held on to so long(aah aah aah)

I'm gonna do the things for you
But girl what is a man to do?
Just leave the past alone(ooh ooh ooh)

I don't want to live in the past
Leave the past behind(ooh ooh ooh)

Baby please don't do that
Seems like every time we think got things together
The past just comes along and tears it apart

Don't bring it up
Don't bring it up
Don't keep bringin up the past
No gi-i-irl
I've loved you
I've loved you forever

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

ClevelandBoi OHIO

It’s crazy because I was born in 1980. So I listened to these songs as a kid and fell in love with them simply for the sound of it all. Mainly the instruments and the voice of the singer.

Now that I’m older listening to these same childhood favorite songs .. I’m listening to the actual words and following along.

It blew my mind to know one of my all time favorite songs from my childhood was actually a song about adultery. Shirley Murdock’s voice was so beautiful to me as a 9 year kid when she sang “as we lay”.

As a kid I thought she was being nice when she said she “would never never want to hurt her no”.

As an adult, I now interpret that song a lot differently 🤣😂
Still one of my all time life favorite songs.

But yeah .. on this song ??
That 1st verse ??
Dat N*gga ain’t never lied !!!

The first half of this song brings tears to my eyes because songs like this make me reminisce about my childhood and the 80’s ... especially when I’m burning a blunt while listening ... which is 99% of the time ... and just because the instruments and the singer’s voice with the instruments sounds that Good ... this is why I smoke weed 💯💯💯💯💯

All comments from YouTube:

Natalie Tea

Someone's pain gave birth to this beautiful song♥️

Marquise Arline

Love your style of thinking #BlessUp

Mike Richardson

I think I have been through ❤️💪

Sherry Guine


Sean Jackson


Charity Campos

I was a lil girl watching my mother struggle with her past with her family suffering from depression and anxiety... unfortunately she committed suicide this song stuck with me all these years I was only 8 years old didn't know who sung this but This brings back memories till this day I struggle with my past and mental health problems as my moth but history will not repeat itself I gott leave the past behind me and move forward,

S Shaffer

That's right you will not let what happen to your mom happen to you... remain strong and just know things are going to turn for the best for you... don't give up.

Lifetimes with Kath


K Bix

Prayers up for you. Stay Strong !!

L Watkins

im so sorry this has to be retold

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