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Opeth Lyrics

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I could listen to this over, and over again.

Mark Bernhardt

Right click the player and select Loop


So simple yet so beautiful. No need for crazy tricks or insane technique, innovative musical progressions or anything. That one piano says it all.

HomeValue Glass

Expectations = zero l, I guess

Coulter Sheppard

Yes, i agree. I've just now got here, referred to it by (of all things) a comment on another video. If this is indeed representative (In quality) of the album, I've chosen well.


that one eggplant says it all


+Abdul Khalik Ain't that the truth

Abdul Khalik

locksh cgjxngnvc

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This album always reminds me of warmer times...warm memories...such a calming album. And while at first I wasn't a fan because it wasn't heavy enough, it really does seem the more I listen to this album the more I pick up on and the more I enjoy it.

Thimo Vijfschaft

That last but is like a thing with every prog song ever

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