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Viva Main Vein!!!
Opio Lyrics

[16 second preacher skit to open]

Every-every-every new day it's a new routine
A new set of rules, new way to do things
Niggaz got plans, plots and schemes
So stay on your P's and Q's, stay on the scene
And don't dissapear, become a statistic
Mass potential, make mills, don't spend shit
Girls will say "oh he'll be a failure" (BITCH!)
Now I chill in Sydney, Australia (that's right)
Drinkin a lotta Sierra Nevada the hills there
Imported from the Golden State
When I flow then I roll and I'm holdin weight
Move the crowd like Moses with no mistakes
Mr. Earthquakes and aftershock shake
And I lived through the Kurtis Blow "Breaks"
As a minor in the O-A-K, keep raisin the stakes
And the stakes is high, so I pray for lye

[Chorus: x4]
It's in my brain, it's in my main vein
I won't falter, I maintain

Some walk paths that led to be a criminal
Me, myself, I chose to be original
Now I'm in the world and yo' cutty in prison
Man I feel for the cat cause it's real [?]
You must not-a seen "Bowling for Columbine"
Motherfuckers losin they mind, one at a time (one, one..)
Reachin for 9's and brandishing shotguns
Pull it out and pop one, vanish 'fore the cops come
Lucky for me, see I got options
When it comes to gun violence, I'm tryin to stop some
It's not Austin Powers or Mike Myers
It's real bosses, be cautious, you might die here
Don't get it twisted, I'm talkin 'bout the Ayatollah
Fire-holder type niggaz
My life has more worth than all that pullin on the trigger
Sound envigorating on tape but it's fake


Just like the end of my bag and I'm stretchin my weed out
The pen and the pad professional, my speed-knot
Freeze thought need not be tested though
Some are soft as a testicle but rest assured
They got 20 bodyguards around 'em
With a vest and 4-4 magnum, to bag them up - when they clownin
We all seen Reagan get shot down on TV
So it ain't like the shit cain't happen, even if you strapped man
You better watch what you sayin - ain't playin

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