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Oskar Schuster Lyrics

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Emanuele Di Palo

Here I am my, love.
You know, It's been years I'm waiting for you;
Living like those birds flying aroud and mixing themeselves with the stars.

I only have one hope;
That lighthouse. I think it will extinguish one day.
And that day, I shall see your beautiful shape formed by a group of stars.

The most shining stars.

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Fjarlægur, in Icelandic translates to: "Distant Future" in English

From Iceland

You should not use google traduction so much...


+FLIC FLAC PARKOUR Yeah that too

Oskar Howser

+P1 BillySnowman in other words far far away, i'm from iceland


+Luke Bellamy It actually means "Distant"

Jing Yi Ong

idk why but it makes me feel sad and nostalgic

Tristan McIntosh

I believe the song is like someone telling a story from the past, the person is happily recalling an adventure, but it is also sad because the experience cannot be relived. It seems like one instrument is the story, and another instrument is the story teller, two or three different emotions in contrast

Suzanna x

Saudade (pronounced so darje) -its Portuguese for that emotion


It's meant to. The song title translates to distant or far away 👌🏽

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