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Community Centre
Passenger Lyrics

Well the sky's turning purple
Above the community centre
And I'm sitting in a circle,
Telling my secrets to strangers
And they say I've got a problem
But I don't know that I've got one
'Cause you never know that you've got one
'Til someone comes along and spots one

They say it's the hardest step
But it's the first one of many
And my feet are stuck to the ground
And I can't seem to take any
I could tell them I just came
For the free cup of tea and the biscut
And make my way towards the door
But I don't think I can risk it

'Cause I never wanted to stay,
But the morning came so soon
And we all know the words,
But we just sing them out of tune

'Cause I had my first drink when I was fourteen,
And I knew that I was in trouble
'Cause I woke up the next morning
With my face down in the rubble
And everyone was drinking singles
I pour myself a double,
I just needed a little bit more

And now I'm sitting here with my name badge
And I'm listening to the same sad stories
About their old dads,
Who're making all the same
Bad turning's at their crossroads
And drowning all their sorrows,
Without any lifeguard around

Oh no, I never wanted to stay
But the morning came so soon
And oh, we all know the words
But we just sing them out of tune
And oh, oh no

And the sky's turning dark
So we step out into the car-park
And I see you all same place, same time next week
But before we go our separate ways
Theres just one thing I'd like to say is,
Anybody up for a drink

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Comments from YouTube:

Kristian Dena

I'm not an alcoholic but I am a heroin addict for almost 20 years so I get it, the comedic sadness, and just the sadness.

Josef Rosell

As an alcoholic, this song is both incredibly sad and a little bit funny in a darker sense, especially at the end. Wonderful artist


Chords for this song are really easy, just put a capo on the 4th fret and play C for the verses (just alternate picking between the A string and G string), then strum Am and F for the chorus bit. That's all there is. 

Also, I wish there was a live version of this song...

Iman Abdul Hakim Abdul Rashid

I do so wish for the same thing

Wieger oude zooi

@MikeAndersonSounds thank you, i really like it!

angrodguz the third

This is one of my favorite songs of all time.

prince osars

Same here, same here

eileen gls

this song is so beautiful and i've been searching for it for a long time. love it! 


It might be Molly Reed. I'm not positive though.

Lelys Santiago


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