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Kentucky Cocktail
Pavement Lyrics

Thought i could walk
Through any door.
Any door left unlocked.
Turnstiles click, passengers leave.
Clerks never think, feet never bleed!

Over the stalls, pacers pace.
Lasix's love can't be traced.
I've got a system, I've got the line.
I'm on the inside, right every time!


Contributed by Carter W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Can't believe I'm just now discovering this song.

Christopher Hamlet

This is Pavement playing in an episode of Happy Days.


Why haven't I ever heard this song



Alberto Rigotti



nobody in the pixies can shred like SM. not even close.

Stephen Esseenyne

I promised myself to give a like if anyone mentions The Pixies and, well, you know? 😊

Peter Sun

Well malkmus had the special advantage of the NZ distortion pedal, which at least to me makes all the difference between the two in terms of the kinds of distortion he could coax out of his axe. Pixies are great band though, I have to admit as much as well, just slightly different approaches with similar outcomes.

D Thomas

that's funny

Sean M

pretty sure they can... just sayin'

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