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Penguin Cafe Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Solaris' by these artists:

advantage Lucy Milk's needed when you want to make your bread So said…
BUCK-TICK Aru hi chouchou ni natte Aru hi umi wo yuku Aru hi…
Days of Grace I heard your name on drive-time radio. Things just aren't w…
eksperimentoj come undone it's all over now above the skies, I'll find …
Elliot Minor If I'm closer to the sun, I'm the furthest from someone, I…
Everything Goes Cold This is my intention I will make him watch his oldest…
Failure I've been freezing my time I've been slowing my breath I'v…
Midnight Realm The horizon's fading fast And the skyline seems so faint Eve…
Retro Stefson If i'm closer to the sun, I'm the furthest from someone, I'm…

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Comments from YouTube:


Amazing, Nothing but absolute respect to Arthur for continuing his Fathers amazing legacy ❤️ beautiful.

Paul Scott

Yes, Red book is one of his best creations, and other one something like "the endless sea" I think


What I like about this so much is just how well they have captured the essence and spirit of the original PCO. Yes, it's Simon's son; but fathers and sons are often very different. The Penguin Cafe and the PCO are one in the same. They get it.


I woke one morning; I was in Bali on vocation. Something urged me to listen to something new. So, I put in the player a collection that I have brought with me and never heard before. This was the first piece, and this was one of most blissful mornings of my life so far. It was a feeling of peace and momentary happiness




It doesn't matter how you found them.....It doesn't even matter if your friends do not like them...the important thing is your here now.....and as we all know..... everyone is welcome at the Penguin Cafe.


Love this. It reminds me of being heavily pregnant with my 22-month-old. It was so relaxing. Still love it :)

Ute Stichert-Mädje

I'm in love with this song for a year now, never tired of hearing it.

Rita C.

eternal love


This is unbelievably pretty, you've got me in your pocket!

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