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The Interplanetary Pop Revolution
Powder Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Powder:

Bite My Tongue Thought I knew you really well pretty good So why is…
Christmas Don't Be Late Christmas, Christmas time is near Time for toys and time for…
Fly on the Wall I like watching you while your ignoring me Your exactly wha…
Go Monday. . . I'm a racist Tuesday. . . I'm a thief Wednes…
I ずっと気になってたリトグラフ 無理して買ったのは何故かしら エキストラみたいな人ごみの中 邪魔になりながらも抱えてる A…
Losing You I'm partly happy and part confused I've been a victim but…
Monger You stupid twit. Well I fail to see the humor…
Need a Little Help Hurray, another one of those days when I can't get myself…
Red I don't wanna wear red I just wanna be a big…
Seat of My Pants I'm never here I'm never there I'm never anywhere Kinda f…
Sonic Machine Higher than a kite I fly, forever (ever) Like a diamond…
Up Here Everybody want a mother and a father Everybody need a…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Anton Nguyen

This reminds me of a ghost story my friend in the Marines told me:

He was stationed in one of the Appalachian states (I think Kentucky) on a nuclear missile base. The nuclear base is mostly underground with a labyrinth of tunnels 20-some stories deep for storage use and to disorient enemies should anyone infiltrate the base. However, the Marines were trained to memorize the entire underground maze and the correct process to search and attack. For nearly the entirety of his station, he and the rest of the Marines were bored out of his mind. So for fun, he would go and retrain with the Marines and pretend someone snuck into the base. Theyve done this so many times they could practically do it blindfolded.

One day roughly 4 in the morning, alarm goes off. It wasnt a drill. Thermal sensors were tripped and according to the thermal scan, 2 human sized bodies were moving about a dozen floors down.

Nobody knows how the hell they got that far down without getting caught, but that wasn't anyone's priority of thought. My friend and his buddies were HYPED. for most of them this was the first time they seen action. Everyone suits up and sweeps through the entire base. The had more than a dozen men at the only ways in and out, while they had the rest comb through every floor and searching in every box and nook and cranny.

found nothing

They check everything again, still nothing. Everyone was confused because there was no possible way for them to escape past over a hundred soldiers. Everyone had theories, first being faulty equipment. But according to the technicians maintaining the scanners, it still wouldn't have been reading signals that's happen to be exactly the same size and shape as a person. Second was the possibility of the scanners catching a hot pipe or electrical cable, but the sensor trip originated from a room that had neither, not that it could explain why the heat signal was shaped like a human and not shaped like a long horizontal pipe.

and so the only thing they concluded were ghosts. everyone was feeling extra religious that day and my friend never went back down there again

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Heartbreak One

In a time when movies are declining in entertaining quality, is wonderful to have channels like this to break down the stories in an infinitely entertaining way. I appreciate the efforts.




@Curiostory Please give me a small list of good movies to come out in the last 10 years then


You mean the 12 or so minutes they have out of 120 that are actually 50% normal yea sure

Cherished Cat Lover

Definitely see your point on this.. And agree on this Awesome & Entertaining breakdown.. Although, I tend to watch Movies now for MUCH MORE Than just Entertainment.... Still entertaining of course, but Sooooooooooo Much More is within them.. Much More.!

Ruben Lopez

It's also wonderful to have a Lady Friend in Yuktobania

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Cal L

The plot twist killed the whole film. Mixing war, horror, and sci-fi themes together turned the story into a big mess.

Basil Valentine



WWII, horror, and Sci-fi? Thats literally the Wolfenstein Series.


Or arabs and jews XD

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