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Freezer Burn
Prong Lyrics

Fire Ignites
The Cold, Melts Down Tonight
Burns The Ice
The Heat Turns White
Instant! Flash Frozen
Never Thaws In Time
Feels So Ever Rigid
Can Not Chop It Down
Then Starts Some Boiling
Potential To Expire
Heating From Inside
[Repeat Chorus]
Senses To Be Rigid
Tempeture Controlled
Limits Thermal Increase
Contained To The Mold
[Repeat Chorus]
Chilled For A Reason
Scalded Beyond Reason
Now You Burn With Fire
Reborn From The Fire
[Repeat Chorus]


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Comments from YouTube:


Saw this cassette at a friend's house when I was 14, in 1988. Bought the sucker a couple months later and it remains in my collection to this day. As much as I love "Primitive Origins", they took it to a new level here. This was the last essential Prong recording in my opinion.

Jermaine Guillory

One of my favorite albums by PRONG! 🤘🤘

Mark Barecki

Yes it's best album

Eye Jougan

18/September/2020 From Malaysia 🤟

Sarah Sutherland

used to listen to this album every day for years all those years ago

Peter Sun

I bought this on cassette in 1988. IT was great went well with "garage days" cassette. Also has parts that remind one of Bleach by Nirvana later on, they both were influenced by metal and hardcore and punk so it makes sense. Only difference was prong didn't go in a pop direction like Nirvana did.

irons punk

A classic track, first 2 albums were great.

Box of Doom Isolation Cabinets

This album changed my life..

dub dread

Killer album (y)


outstanding album...

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