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The 8 Year Affair
Protoje Lyrics

Here we are once more
Meeting up along this journey
As I express what’s going on in this mind of mine
And sharing this time with I, you know?
Let’s go

I've always made it clear
That you would be here with me in this Eight Year Affair
So you should have no fear
‘Cause I will be there, no burden you alone shall bear
I've always made it clear
That you would be there with me in this Eight Year Affair
So don't ever worry now
Don't ever worry now

The spirit of Jacob, the spirit of Hugh
Spirit of Macintosh, that spirit never moved
The spirit of Marley, yeah that spirit fought
You have the spirit of Walter, oh they will assault you
Sit and pick apart too, you know the biggest mouth
Deh pon dem freedom of speech, we have freedom of thought
Seven Year Itch drop, nuh even cuss a “claat”
But you still coulda feel the passion him a talk
I hear the trouble coming, I say the trouble start
Empresses and princesses, battles for hearts
Knowing all that I want deh right within ma grasp
And only my fault can break this thing apart
And so I see my weaknesses when I see my past
And I see they façade, that’s why me go so hard
And knowing all these rivers that Jah get me ‘cross
And so I never lost

I’ve got to keep it in my lane ‘cause all the praise you gain
Can be taken all the same, I've seen it happen to Usain
That made no sense to me because look at his resume
Ready to say you finish just ‘cause of a second place
Well I guess those are the problems that the legends face
Imagine staring at the mirror in a legend’s face
They say get used to it, I’m moving at a legend’s pace
In any case, what is a legend in this present maze?
Six days of voicing, no rest until the seventh day
Then drop the album pon dem, hoping say it resonate
Because things set a way, my mind up in this present state
Sorry I made you wait

I’d like to welcome you to ‘The 8 Year Affair’
And I thank you for being here with I&I, you know?
Along this journey

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Comments from YouTube:

Vineet Ohol

i love this guy. its almost like he writes songs based on my thoughts nd situations. Protoje you are one of the best brother

Iuri Semedo

i will always be back to this album,amazing feelings every single time! greetings from portugal!

Amal Mcgaw

Stimulate your senses with the voice of positivity

gustavo garcia

big protoje!!! always is a pleasure!!!

BMO I Dayzen

Big tunes !!!

Don Goliath

One good thing about Corona: I've been mad busy in the studio and got several new 90s Dancehall riddims ready. Come check 'em.

Gadaphi Archie

big big tune

Ragnar Lodbrok

que bueno eres...que bueno...ohh yeah rastafair

Ja Luke

I never worry about where can I find Good music no more.... cuz protege is here....🇬🇳🇬🇳up move 🇬🇳🇬🇳

Tony Tyson

I'm really worried that protoje may not top these works. I'm not certain I can be more musically satisfied. This is so addictive have to pinch myself back to reality....

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