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Pulp Lyrics

The following material has been rated next
By the Divine Mill association
It is intended for a mature audience
Parental discretion is advised
Through our journey you will be experiencing
Sounds like(woman: Ay Papi)
And even shit like (woman moaning)
Hell you might even get some (woman moaning)
And a little (woman: I love you give me more)

Writer(s): Kejuan Waliek Muchita, Edward O. Iii Ferrell, William Griffin, Joel Lamonte Hailey, Albert Johnson, Richard Hailey Copyright: Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Notting Dale Songs Inc., P. Noid Publishing, Universal Music - Careers, Universal Music Corp., Juvenile Hell, Lbn Publishing, Emi April Music Inc., Universal Music - Mgb Songs, Eddie F. Music, Cord Kayla Music

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Comments from YouTube:

Mishta Romaniello

To get a cast like that only on your 2nd feature film is pretty impressive.

The Cinematic Mind

Clint Eastwood gave the Palme d’Or as head of the Cannes Jury to Pulp Fiction.

Angus Bidgood

Mans making moves in Hollywood

Kurrdt kobain

Thanks, I did well you are correct

The Revirantless

Old people sayings

The Bad Opinion Guy

Well the only real impressive one is Bruce Willis
John Travolta had been failing as an actor for years now, Samuel L Jackson had only been in Jurassic Park a few months ago, and Uma Thurman had not been in any big movies yet
Bruce Willis had already been in the 2 die hard movies and last Boy Scout which is a personal favorite of mine and even then Bruce Willis could do a movie like this he was up there with the big actors of the 90s at the time

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I like how the entire movie just hit you in the face.


@Captain Braggy I know about torrent...but I can't use that now because I already got in trouble with the landlord because I was downloading movies from Torrent. Was just trying to find it on YouTube that's all.

Captain Braggy

@pipimp100 get a torrent9 and go on the pirate bay, you can find it easily there


@Randy White Some people are just too broke for streaming services (like me)
I hate pirating movies but most of the time I got no choice

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