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So Easy
Röyksopp Lyrics


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Mochi ButterFlyz

I remember when i was still in kindergarten (i'm in 4th grade now) i heard this song due to my dad having the cd. I didn't even knew about the lyrics and me and my dad thought that it was "who are you, my name's Danae, who are you" and the rest is what we didn't care about.

This song was half of my childhood.

If there could be my childhood, cut in half to show the big and small parts of it, this would be close enough to the biggest.

It's nostalgic to me and i have memorised it.

The sad thing is that this cd doesn't work as well.

We'll fix it.

Thank you Röyksopp. I was about 4 or 5 years old at the time when i heard this.

Thanks for helping me.

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soloman otero

The first time I ever had a bad trip, this song came on. I was panicking trying to distract myself while hysterically having one of the worst panic attacks of my life. I was fading in and out of time, trying my absolute best to ground myself. This song came on and it was the only thing that made me able to concentrate on something other than how delirious I was. I listen to it as much as I can. I just have a weirdly close relationship with this melody and how much it helped me on one of the worst nights of my life.


Hope you're doing fine ever since.

Good melodies..


I though I was gonna have a heart attack when I laughed for 15 minutes strait while tripping and watching Kung Pow Enter The Fist. My old Weener dog used to soothe me when I took too much of something, saved my life x5 that dog. But yes very soothing song for such an ordeal, love it.

nååt Nott

@re4 yes


What the shit happened on that trip that caused a mini heart attack?

Angryman 430

Conocí este tema gracias a un comercial de los 2000s de bob esponja, que recuerdos tan hermosos cuanta nostalgia :') ❤

Diego Perez Orellana

Yo llegue aquí por ese mismo comercial

Mr. AwkwarD

Si <3

Cesar david Mars


Diego Jiménez

vine precisamente por el comercial

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