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by Radiohead

Open your mouth wide
A universal sigh
And while the ocean blooms
It's what keeps me alive
So why does this still hurt?
Don't blow your mind with why

I'm moving out of orbit
(Turning in somersaults)
Turning in somersaults
(A giant turtle's eyes)
A giant turtle's eyes
(And jellyfish float by)
And jellyfish float by

(It's what keeps me alive)

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Jennifer Logan

I just have to say this. I'm 39, and I've been a crazy Radiohead fan for 20+ years now. Their music has been by my side every step of the way as I transitioned from a girl into a woman, then a mother. The music and lyrics spoke to me because I could relate to so much of it. I had every album, ep, b side, whatever I could find. I started buying their albums on their release date (or downloading as soon as soon as they became available) when OK Computer was released. I've seen them once each concert tour, starting with OK Computer, for a total of six times. They are my heart and I love them.

So, this is the part I have to say because...well...I'll just say it. In August 2010 my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. I moved in with him and my mother so I could help take care of him until the end. I was very close to my dad my whole life and my worst nightmare was now our reality. So on February 18, 2011, after holding my dad's hand and watching him take his last breath, which I had never seen anyone else do before and haven't since...I needed my Radiohead more than ever. Hospice came right away to take care of things, dress him, and before I knew it, he was gone and I had never felt more empty in my life. At this point I desperately needed to try to give my brain/head/heart/soul some sort of break, if that was at all possible. So I went upstairs to my room to be alone. I was checking my email as I was putting on my headphones and grabbing my ipod when I see this email from a friend of mine asking me what I thought of the new Radiohead album, TKOL. Immediately I went to atease and...confirmed! Numb with grief and disbelief, I allowed this amazing new album to carry me away from my despair, if only for a moment. I was astonished by it's brilliance and beauty, and how it seemed to be written just for me. And then, as it drew to a close, Thom floored me with exactly the message I needed to hear... "If you think this is over then you're wrong". Your music (TKOL in particular) helped me in a way that nothing else could while I was in mourning. And I could never thank you enough. <3 And to whoever reads this, thank you. :)

Charles Page

Radiohead shall carry us all away from despair Ms. Logan. Thank You so much for sharing that with us all!


God bless you, beautiful soul


How can we get in contact? I would have died with my Dad had it not been for In Rainbows


My life with my father is a mirror images of yours. Except for a few details. I am the only child of a single father. He was diagnosed w/ Lung CA just when my DREAM job was taking off. He was given 3 months. I left my job and moved home to live with him and be his 24 hour Nurse. No one sent us help. EVER. Hospice showed up the afternoon before he died. My father courageously fought for 4 years. Because as he said, "I am not ready to leave you." I was all alone for those 4 years with him and his cancer. My father had Multiple Sclerosis as well. Radiation brought that out of remission. But he could not do the steroid treatments for it because it was like giving cancer candy.
'Hail To The Thief' was my best friend then. He died in 2006. 2 days before his 53rd birthday. I was 26 and completely, utterly, alone. Thankfully, Fall 2007 came and so did In Rainbows I finally had something to hold on to and a little bit of money from my father so I saw that show! Not my first show, but this time I now live in a completely different head space. It was a spiritual experience.
I spent 10 years alone, in the house I grew up in, that had not changed at all, grieving. At 30, my 16 y.o cat Bear passed away. He'd been with me before I could drive. He was also silent (as in his meows were just air), or so I thought. When his nephew passed (Willy), about 2 years after my dad, Bear (Wally), he would trill, meow, and sing to Radiohead with me. Every song. That cat had pitch and swag.
So, I had lost the only one who loved me for me completely, my best friend, my 'job' my dad, and my giant Maine Coon. I still am completely alone with my grief. I am 40 now. Have had years of therapy since I turned 31 and moved to a small town way up north. My life is quiet now. Not a day goes by that I do not think of him and some days he is all I can think of.
Last year, my Aunt Peggy (and my father's best friend), passed away on my father's BIRTHDAY. So, here it is now: My father died on Feb 13th. His birthday is Feb 15th and now the anniversary of my aunt Peggy's death. When do I get a break? I listen to Radiohead / Thom Yorke everyday. While admit I am still grieving, I have also never met anyone who understand "where I am coming from". Or has had a similar experience that changes you forever like this. Life and my outlook on it has changed. I do live in the now.
*Jennifer Logan - Thank you so very much sharing your experience. I immediately started crying, composed myself and wrote back. What you shared with the world is a very intimate part of your life story. Again, I Thank you. Sincerely, Me =)

Len Coughlan

No thank you x

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Pedro henrique barbosa

A Moon Shaped Pool: live From the Basement, please!!!

Pierre à l’édifice.

It is too late now... because...


@Iuri caralho !!!outro brasileiro.!.!.!não sou o unico.

Valentino Siciliano


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