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Rancid Lyrics

And I know I'm indestructible
Yeah, I know I'm indestructible

Break down
Come and tell me it's not true
It's a shake down
Come on and tell me who are you
It's so fake now
Everything I see right through
I'm ashamed now
To say I ever knew you

See the great Athenians
Man, they're not even from Athens
And the kid from Ave. "A"
He's not even from Manhattan
And nothing's what it seems
I'll just stand here laughing
I'm gonna keep on going now
I can't be distracted

And I know I'm indestructible
Yeah, I know I'm indestructible

Play back
Rock and roll come and save me
It's a safe bet
You will never ever betray me
And I'll give back
Everything that you gave me
And I know that
No one can ever ever contain me

And I won't get bogged down like some American consumers, nah
I'm dancing now to a whole different drummer
And I'll keep listening to the great Joe Strummer
Cause through music he can live forever

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Comments from YouTube:

Frank G

The only album i cant enjoy all the way through is Rancid from 2000. Was too much of a change after so many goodies in a row.

Hans Moser

for me, personal, all these mates, us bombs, or the green day ones, the sum 41, all humans living this dudes rancid very extraordinary, all you pleasant folks are in my mind,
like colin from the gbh, comin around at the 25th in the so36. straight to stand outside unvaccinated....and still alive.

Marcos Peralta

Icónico y mágico.

IWillSurviveTheHighFive CauseIAmResilient

I find it difficult to say I dislike any Rancid album - but I come incredibly close to doing so when I listen to this one. I think there are two songs I actually like and listen to repeatedly, maybe three? It's usually the opposite - there are only a couple of songs I don't like. I am happy with Trouble Maker - it's original while still going back to their roots a bit. Still one of my favourite bands though.

Freddy Krügerl


Jonathan Weidelman

If you say you don't like this album, then I say, keep listening to it. In 1998 when 'Life Won't Wait' came out, I felt the same way. It took me years, but around '05 I literally (finally) fell in love with that album and it just may be my 2nd favorite behind 'Wolves'. Indestructible is a good friggin listen, thru and thru. Give it some more chances with an open mind.

Charles Lee

crazy.. this album is good

Achmad Fayswan

Best album :3

Rosa Angela

Brasil fuck and ,i aqui tem punk também e muitos Head Bangs.

Mark Krazzy


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