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by Ratatat

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This song is nostalgia in it's purest form

wally jr

Marshallemmet 😭 😭 😭


Begining from 1:31 was my phone ringtone for ages.

The Vic Lebowski

I wouldn't pick up the phone if I had the sound from 1:31 as my ringtone.

wally jr

Stargazer your poor friends who waited for 1:31 and never climaxed to you answering

-Radadat -

Sounds like if a banana split was a song

Vyn Valin

at first thought this said if a banana split went wrong. and i was like yea

Alfredo Pignalosa Parra

On acid?


This song is happy and sad to me. It gives me an interesting feeling and i love it so much


Hey Clapham, let me be the first person on this video to say to you, thanks for uploading this amazing music.

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