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I've Never Been Home
Real Friends Lyrics

White knuckles and sleepy eyes
That's how you and I grew up, that's how we grew apart
You've got some big expectations hiding in that small mid-western town that you call home

It's been twenty something years and I've never been home
I don't even know who the hell I am anymore

I'm really just a kid who's stuck with all the fucked up stuff that comes with life
There's nights I think about how there's someone else that feels how I do
It helps to think I'm not alone.

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Comments from YouTube:

Mikky Di Angelo

on a scale of 1 to Real Friends how sleepy are your eyes

Jengo Fett

Mikky Di Angelo real real friends


Helps to know most of us are in this together :)


Damn, I can really hear Jeremy McKinnon at 0:27 . Especially when he finishes "expectations" :P

Alex Zemaitis

Dan’s voice is like a mix between Jeremy McKinnon and Kenny Vasoli


+MyChemicalLove011 thanks ;P


+Cameron Schumacher lmfao i love your prof pic.

Rylee -

Yoo I hear it too haha c:

Jon Ruiz

I wish this was like a minute longer. Such a good song

Aki Hitori

The way Dan sings "I don't even know who the hell I am anymore" is perfect.

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