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Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyrics

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Danny Mendralla

its not a rhcp concert unless anthony loses his shirt and forgets the lyrics to his own songs



João Gabriel

@Luis Salinas l

l o l

@Boofer T. Washington Nailed it. Love RHCP. Can't stand Anthony. He's always been the weakest link to such an extent that it's mind-blowing.


@ThatOne Ginger least I have soul.

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Karina M

I actually love how the bass is such an integral part of the music. It's isn't a background instrument, it's so important and just as well heard as any of the instruments on stage. So awesome, flea is badass.

Bálint Takács

@Ben Young Flea and Chad are one of the best rythm sections in r'n'r and definetly a huge part why i love their music and go to their shows. There are no great bands without great rythm section. Same with Tool. Who doesn't want to see Danny Carey play the drums of JC creating insane sounds on his bass? If you are truly into music, you dont just go for flashy guitar solos and jumping frontmans...

Dale Macarena

People don't notice the bass until the bass is gone. It's what glues the drums and guitar. Keep it the groove going on. For those into League of Legends. It's a Support Main 😜


@Robot 5000 complete nonsense: Iron Maiden without Harry... inconceivable

Angélica Castro

@GaëlB Galbar o cream without Jack Bruce

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