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Somebody Hates Me
Reel Big Fish Lyrics



I just made an enemy of someone
I don't know, and they are upset about somethin'
That I must have done, it really doesn't make much sense
That I've got no
Statement in my defense- What!

I know,
No matter what
No matter who
No matter what I do
Somebody hates me
(Somebody hates me)
Somebody hates me, somebody hates me
(Somebody hates me)
Somebody hates me, somebody hates me
And I hate somebody too

Did you misunderstand something that I did
Or was it one of my jokes that you didn't get
Or do you think you've got the way I think all figured out
What did I say to make you feel not cool now- Well!


I know it's wrong
I do it too (I do it too)
And I guess I should say
Don't let it get to you


Somebody hates me [Repeat: x5]
And I hate somebody too [Repeat: x5]
Someone like you

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Krish Shanmugam

on Everyone Else is an Asshole


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