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stolen car
Role Model Lyrics

A stolen car
We drove it far
And we were way too high
Sun is hot
These humid thoughts
Cigs between your smile

Cigarette, cigarette

My phone is dead by 2am
So please don't blow my line
My face is numb I'll make you cum
Just hold the gun and blow my mind
These cigarettes don't taste the same
When I'm not dancing with you
I told myself I'd hold myself
But I been drinking thinking of you

I have no problem making love
It's keeping it that's tough
Your cigarettes don't burn enough
Girl I can't fall in love
I find myself still running back to you
And I don't even know why
Don't even know why

Cigarette, cigarette

I see you creeping on my homies
You think that's gon' piss me off
And on the weekends we be freakin'
When you smoke you always cough
You're awesome, awesome
Beg your pardon let's have sex then call it off
I wish I trust myself enough
Been getting stuck but fuck it I'm fine

Cigarette, cigarette

Writer(s): Tucker Harrington Pillsbury, Owen Ardell

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Mac Miller loves this ❤


Why I ended up here ❤


This song is soo good

Daniel Montes

This song is amazing


This song is all I have ever wanted to be and more *

Issac Blaze47



Literally moodna ....

Bruno Marques

ola duda



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