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Rufio Lyrics

Make up your mind,
We're hurting inside,
Every single breath I take is spitting out your name.
We'll see in time,
This choice is not mine,
You can't see my answer 'cause my heart is simply dead.

The gate swung,
No hurting her.
Your mind's closed,
Just let me in.
This countdown is breaking me,
Just don't leave.

My timing's off,
It moves like your own,
When you said it's all done.
Your clinginess tore up my mind.
While I'm gone you'll still be with me.
Be with me

You try saying everything's over,
And try saying everything's gone.

Any single problem in your wondering mind,
The problem is my ordinary life.

Can't take back what you said long ago.
No time for apologies, I know.
Don't be denying it.
Then we've had it all.
I'm waiting, trying,
I keep holding on


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Comments from YouTube:

Timothy Phoenix


Trepa por mi pija


M o

Still love it as much as back then

Steve Sanchez

that intro!!!

TwinkieRufioChick PerryDrewRadke

Can't Take Back What You Said Long Ago, No Time For Apologies I Know. First Comment?? COOL xD

Failed Chanel

Indonesian pop punk always stay!!!

du st

Muito foda essa banda amo

Suryo Ardi

I m going to headbanging just hear intro part

juan david


Buried YoUx

I think he knew dude... was confirming the year it was released dumbass.

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