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Above Me
Rufio Lyrics

If i was to walk till time saw no end.
If i was to climb till the air was too thin.
I could not find a picture fit the frame.
As perfect as you.
As perfect as you.

You showed me life and lived nothing less.
'cause yer so above me.
Ill take my time you memory is bliss.
The angel above me.

When i look at the stars they shine of your eyes.
The sky it burns bright with your presence tonight.
Yet your so above me and i cannot fly.
To the angel above me i long to be with.

To look at the mountains vast and great.
Is one step above in seeing your face.
To look at the stars for they lead the way.
To the angel above.


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Comments from YouTube:

Joe Momma

Wheres the Rufio part =( that's the best starting to a song ever.

Patrick Walsh

@hateswhitewhales prob to keep Disney off their back




It's pretty crazy how time flies. I remember being in highschool around 11 years ago listening to this. The message has changed for me over the years but damn. This song has had such a positive impact for my life
Thank you rufio

Dish Meadows

Yeah I was listening to this when I was like 16, so like 20yrs ago for me...Oh god I'm old 🤣


running 10 years, I still hear it in 2019😂


20 years actually

Edmanuel Torres

Garage bands, the best of USA!!!

Lil Sad


Reza Novrialdy


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