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by Russell Allen

Sleepy city in the midnight calm
All awoken by death's alarm
Frenzied panic everyone's in shock
Search-lights show the coming of the iron flock
Blockbusters falling down like rain
Birds of steel deliver death and pain

Blackout when the sirens sound
Bombs be fallin' y'all you better get down
Blackout all over town
Woman and children go down in the ground

Blackout [4x]

Dictators and terror kings
Invade us with their war machines
Nowhere to run, nowhere to go
Think we're gonna lay down and die
Ya cry "hell no"
Man the cannons and open fire
Flames of war burning higher and higher

Chorus [2x]

Blackout when the sirens sound
Yeah, the blitz is coming, oh the blitz is coming
Blackout all over town
Armageddon coming, yeah, Armageddon coming
Blackout [3x]

There's gonna be a blackout!

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Comments from YouTube:

Joseph Shields

Great stuff. Sounds nothing like Symphony X, but shows the versatility of Allen's voice.

Everton Silva

Recomendo ouvir sem moderação.

Henrique Oliveira

poser ou fã do one direction?

Cristian Pulitti


JoJo's Woodshed

Im just gonna say this. This would be a coop opening song for a Borderlands game.

Rui Lourenço

Ou seja, rir pa crl. Isto é hilário.

aitech nasus

Blackout Is A Great Straight Up Killer Rock Song By Russell Allen And Totally Rocks It Needs To Be Fully Cranked Up All The Way To Full Maximum Volume.

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