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(Argument With David Rawlings Concerning Morrissey)
Ryan Adams Lyrics

D: Naw, Bona Drag, baby
R: no, no, it's Viva Hate
D: No, I looked!
R: It's on Bona Drag, cause it was a single!
D: Two... off.
R: But it's, it's the sixth track on Viva Hate
D: It's on Viva Hate too?
R: Mm hmm! Suede head yeah...
D: Cause I looked for it the other day...
R: Yeah, it's on there
R: But it's on Bona Drag cause Bona Drag is a collection of all his singles
after the first couple of...
D: I dont think it's on Viva Hate man, we'll have to look when I get home
R: Uhhh... Betcha five bucks. I'd swear it

D: I'll take that bet
~both laugh
R: Okay, it's on there!
~ Couple notes on the guitar play, hear Ryan strumming...
R: 1, 2... Oh! Soda...
~Random noises from the guys in the background
R: ~in hilarious British accent~ Eth, Eth's go' a mouf full o' cookies!
~Guys all giggle hysterically
B: Bum licker! [omg, why? lol]
Someone: Eth got beat up by fascists and left for dead (he has the accent Ryan was mocking)
~Starts into "To Be Young (is to be sad, is to be high)"

Contributed by Ethan H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Me hey

I FLEW to the comments


Heliex Run same

Heliex Run

I teleported to the comments


Abigail fr


raymnod yep


i like seeing shane because idk it just makes me happy, but knowing that he has done these things are not good eek

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Meana Austin

Funny how everyone is getting on ryland for staying with Shane. But he’s literally been with him for years... he knows who he is in real life. And you guys are quick to jump on shit that is on YouTube.

Cloey Avery

Took the words out of my mouth!!!!

Just Luci

Literally own that rug.


So you're saying it's impossible that there are TWO shitbags living in the same house?

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