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Suga Got Class
Rye Rye Lyrics

here I go now
what's my name
queen B bitch ask me again
I flow on pedicured toes
so fly when I flow by
tell me why I gotta lie
that's me
stilettos and silk crease
I'm, that girl with a flip and a twirl
like, 'hoe no not again, why you fucking right'
i got the kick
the flip
the whip
punk shit
I'm the one with the fire tongue
gotta run
run tracks with swagger a like an alley cat
no sir
no talk
not a peep
when I hollar back sucker's get weak at the knees
that's, how it is
tell them like I made it be
queen backs that I stack
stupid, come clean
you see how it is when the dirt sets
I know ya confident, mama don't give a shit
aw yeah

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