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Ski Mask the Slump God Lyrics

Bowflex her pussy her, how I break that back
Got her upside down, like a colorblind bat
Ed, Edd, and Eddy, how I run the cul de sac
Need a cap and gown talkin bout ya money fat
Yo shit not keepin up, think you need a thumb tack
Pussy comin at these niggas like [?] you need a bat
Said that I'm drippin like you put ice in a bag
And I'm feeling like I'm ready
Cause I got 12 on my back
Bud light, spaghetti
Know that i'm ready
In my pockets, some lettuce, don't forget the dressing
When I ball confetti, bezel kinda heavy
When i'm in the booth it sounds like Jason vs Freddy
Yo bitch pussy hairy, like a bear, I call it teddy
Only let it grip me like [?]
This ain't operation but I'm playing in her belly
Know she ready like That's So Raven

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on Take A Step Back

i was in this crowd we were like yeah yeah


on Unbothered

Its such a great song, especially when the bass kicks in

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