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Storm Clouds Over Stalingrad
Sam Hulick Lyrics

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Frederick J. Chen

Unlike red alert or cod waw, ro2 truly respects the soldiers of "we-call-evil" armies. The anti war atmosphere in ro2 is absolutely the charm makes it beautiful.

Herbivore The Carnivore

Why were you expecting red alert to be serious at all, that's your own fucking fault


Red alert in no way takes itself seriously.


People say Ro2 is anti-war but I don't actually see in what way is it so anti-war. You just get to play as the bad guys and see that they're not super evil red-glowing eye villains and can feel pain and cry for mother. But still, the characters you are playing with are blood thirsty psychopaths and you can easily tell that by their voice lines. Wouldn't exactly call that anti war unless I'm missing the bigger picture.


This game...Saw and heard some brutal shit in it
It'll always be my all time faveourite

Just when you are left alone, and hear the enemy voices around every corners, and it can give you a genuine feel of fear. Or ducking in cover as you hear a sharp crack, and as you look over, the guy that was just covering you is now dead on the floor.
My most brutal experience was when i was still new to the game, and we were playing on commissar's house, having a firefight from our building to the opposite one, and we were on the ground floor. I was trying my best not to get seen and shot, but as i was trying to peek, the guy next to me got shot and i was just sitting there traumatized while he was drowning in his blood lol



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Перевод "Полчища тёмные громят дом родной. Но будем здесь стоять. Здесь насмерть стоять!"
"The dark horde is ravaging our homeland
But we will stand here
Stand here to the death"

Polat Alemdar

i listen this song for this part


"Working as intended."


iif i use the translate feature of google on the russian words you used it says "dark hordes attaking the house mother here stand the death" lol googles translation system at its finest

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