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Anthropic Universe
Sarah Schachner Lyrics

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Multiplayer was not so enjoyable but what a campaign ! Playing it on PC on ultra at 1440p and seen how beautiful the game was.

Graphics aside this COD has one of the best campaigns in all COD games. The gunplay and mechanics were right and fluid, the storyline was a rollercoaster of emotions and had my heart racing throughout.

This game and Black ops 2 are easily the best campaigns in all of COD history.

Also this OST was masterfully crafted, captured the raw emotion of the game perfectly.

Job well done. I would love to see another infinite warfare game, but only a Campaign title.

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So I was in the main menu of this game and I was wearing my headset. I was scrolling through my phone when suddenly I heard the piano part of this song. I put my phone away and started listening to the main theme song for quite a while. I looked it up on YouTube and was reading some comments. Everybody said the campaign was absolutely great. I own the game for 2 and a half years now and I had never played the campaign before, only online multiplayer and zombies. So I started playing the campaign. I enjoyed it so much I finished the campaign in approximately 10 hours in game. This campaign and this music touched the bottom of my heart, and if it wasn't for this great song I probably wouldn't have played the campaign yet. Thank you a lot Ms. Schachner. Great composition 👏


@Atzan Gray-Dorito Yeah, it was sad but definitely impactful.

Pixelated Oak Door

@Atzan Gray-Dorito That last part was legendary

Atzan Gray-Dorito

@DrizzlingDrizzlers i think if reyes lived it wouldnt been as impactful. Nobody i knew expected reyes to die, everybody thought salter or ethan will die. reyes dieing was diffrent. They were multiple chances of him surviving the ending, but the infinity ward wanted him to die. They wanted us to see his sacrifice, which ended with a unsa victory. Im still sad that reyes never got to see home again after black flag, but as he would say, a captain always has brings his men home, and that's what he did.

Christian El Khoury

@Dr L I could be wrong but i think it was made on purpose to show the brutality of warfare and how no one is safe no matter how far from the frontlines they are.


Yeah the Campaign was my favorite part of this game. I will agree with Dr L that too many main characters were killed off. I would've almost liked an alternate ending where Reyes lives, but it was still really good!

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The honor was ALL mine metal-1


Why did you make me cry


Idk why people hated iw, this song is nice and the storymode was the best ive seen so far. Great Job on this song I love it.

triple 0567

@Gavin Smith nope World at War had the best story mode

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