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Chatara Chakara Vartaee
Satkirin Kaur Khalsa Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa:

Chakara Chahin: Mangala Charan of Jaap Sahib for Intuitive Proje Chakara chahin ar baran jaat ar paat nahin jeh. Roop rang…
Dedication-center & Calm the mind-Aad Guray Nameh Aad Guray Nameh Jugad Guray Nameh Sat Guray Nameh Siri Guru …

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Comments from YouTube:

david wilcove

Chattra Chakkra Vartee, Chattra Chakkra Bhugatay, Suyambhav Subhang Sarab Daa Saraab Jugatay.
Dukaalan Pranasee, Diaalang Saroopay, Sadaa Ang Sangay, Abhangang Bibhutaay
You are pervading in all the four directions, the Enjoyer in all the four directions.
You are self-illumined, profoundly beautiful, and united with all.
 Destroyer of the torments of birth and death, embodiment of mercy. 
You are ever within us.
You are the everlasting giver of indestructible power.

Paulette Myers

This version is wonderful, gets me in a good mood. I feel empowered and positive whenever I listen.

Michele Trudeau

Sat Nam ~ This is a great Mantra Music that makes you feel like dancing for the Divine and be grateful for our Spiritual Bodies.

Jagraj Singh

Thank you for posting

Sam Salazar

Universo c:


Its Divine Protection Meditation Chanting - Sant Sipahi Vichar Manch