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Scott Walker Lyrics

This is how you disappear
Out between midnight,

Called up under valleys
Of torches and stars.

Foot, knee, shaggy belly, face
Famous hind legs,

As one of their own
You graze with them.

Cro-magnon herders
Will stand in the wind,
Sweeping tails shining,
And scaled to begin,

Shutting down here
Shutting down here

To where necks
Leave the air

And giant heads lock

A last grain of dust
Lands in the darkness
On tongues laid bare,

And turning to chalk.

Shutting down here.

Freezing in red,
Bent over his ice skin,
The insomniac gnaws
In the on-offs;

He is glazed
In the hooves
All round.

It is losing its shape.
Losing its shape,
As the heat
In your hands
Carve the muscle

And he grins
From a break
In a backflash.

Delivers it up
On a break
In a backflash.

Motionless brands
Burn into a hip frame
As a savior
Loads sight lines
Backlit by fires,

On the ridges
Of the highest


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Comments from YouTube:

Gabriel Quezada

This is how you disappear.

Thanks to all of you who still celebrate the life and music of this amazing man.
Scott lives. Much love.

Eliane Pitta

Scott is too talented to please simpleton ears.

Maurício Marques

No comments?? 2409 views?? Scott Walker is the ultimate underdog.

neil stephenson

it's the hair


+Maurício Marques Scott already said it all. We can only listen.

Mikey Powell

This is how you disappear...


...on the ridges of the highest breeder.

Public Execution

Scott Walker looks a bit like Garry Shandling on this album cover lol

Old School Racing Motorsports

This was once (and may still be?) the favorite album of Steve Kilbey of The Church.

Philip Mayer

Clint Eastwood was never more beautiful than what he was in "Rawhide".

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