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Down on the Farm
Seasick Steve Lyrics

I like big ol' farm tractors
And big ol' farm implements
And things that dig up lots of dirt
And go real loud like they was meant to
Like they was meant to

I like lookin' at a field
That's just been cut
And lookin' at the pigs
When they do the rut
I love the way hay smells
When it's stacked in a barn
These just a few things gonna find on a farm

Yeah, down on the farm
Yeah, down on the farm

I love the way farm supply stores smell
A mix of seed, workin' clothes
And oil and more
You can get a new shovel
Get a new rake
Get your chainsaw sharpened
But you might have to wait
They got coffee
Yeah, they got coffee, mate
Yeah, they got coffee, mate

Down on the farm (x4)

I think I'll go out and wash
My old John Deere
But hang on just a minute
What's that I hear
My friend Dan playin' drums in the barn
I guess we gonna rock and roll
Yeah, down on the farm
Yeah, down on the farm

Down on the farm (x4)

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Comments from YouTube:

filipe goinhas

just a curious fact about this videoclip , the record company gave seasick the money to make a video for this song and he bought a new tractor and made this......seasick steve your the man, thumbs up

Peter Fleming

He appeared on Spicks and Specks an Australian music quiz show and was asked what was the first thing you bought? "A John Deer tractor" was his answer.

ulvar zaiss


chris errickson

And the record company is thirds man records


could they have made anything better though? :D


this smells like bullshit... you can search Google and there's no mention of this story anywhere... every article about the Hubcap Music album refers to a John Deere from 1960 that Steve has worked on and restored. the same tractor he has posted on his twitter. that's the sound you hear at the beginning and end of the album (and this song). it's not a new tractor. there's no indication that he took funds intended for a music video and spent it on something else; a highly unethical move that would jeopardize his relationship with the people who paid him to produce the album and go on tour in the first place.

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Cristobal Musura

I've wathced 3 minutes of a man with a beard dancing on a farm...I'm not dissapointed

Thomas Puzio Sr

Like to see Steve hook Up with ZZ Top for a tune!

melvin christopherson

Im 68 and I dont care who see's me , I gotta dance.

Colin l

Go Melvin!!

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