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Sometimes When It Rains
Secret Garden Lyrics


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L.M. ll.

As I stand in the silence of the window.
The cold begans to penetrate my Heart...
The cold tears running down the windowsill landing on the quiet rose...
I whisper your name...
You do not come...
The Dark Rose falls to the ground...
My tears multiply as I sob deeply for my prince...
Banging against the window with a frantic Heart...
My Love can no longer wait...
The silence has me in despair...
My sweetest Darling, do not torture me this way my need for your love has grown deep. Like the wounds left unattended...
It burns it hurts...
I only wish to touch your heart with sweet kisses of love...
The window I break with my bare hands for my soul screams out for you...
Come my love I whisper one more time...

Mª José C

A veces cuando llueve,
desde mi ventana,
veo a la nostalgia mojarse
junto a la melancolía,
veo como se empapa
la mañana y te recuerdo...
Recuerdo tu voz diciendo
que a veces cuando llueve eres feliz,
que eres triste,
que tu mente vaga por las calles
empapadas de misterio.
A veces cuando llueve,
siento el beso de la lluvia
que me hace recordar tu sonrisa.
Oigo el sonido de la tormenta
que me hace recordar tu corazón.
A veces cuando llueve,
desde mi ventana veo las gotas caer
logrando sonrojar a la rosa tímida,
veo como se empapa la mañana
y te recuerdo...

Poema de Yosiel Córdova

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Dominic Cotta

For some reason the first time I heard this, it took me back to all of the great memories I had as a child. It washed over me like a breeze. I play it almost every day.


whoever listens to these melodies with their hearts -will cry.



Simplymelodicme is Simply me

I never want this song to end.I even learned it on the piano...

Simplymelodicme is Simply me

This is on my top playlist of the most beautiful songs ever

Robert Bruce

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music that I have ever heard.

melodia jens

This video is beautiful! "Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby".

Andee Angel

Thank you to the most touching duo in music to this day. Your soul comes through and touches mine in everything you do. You are a "thumbs up" on Pandora many hours every day for me. Your uniqueness is beyond ethereal and I am blessed you are in my life. I love you both. I feel your love for who you are and what you do. Thank you once more. Oregon, USA

Camelia Cazacu

If I lose something... I stay quiet, I don't lose much!
If I lose much...I stay relax, I don't lose everything!
If I lose everything... I live my life, because all is not lost!

Suk Han Kwong

Thank you,Camelia.l send it to my self and whoever is in need.💞

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