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by September Stories

Do you remember when you both first met?
That light in your eyes that slowly dimmed grey
That sensation that struck something new
How could something so strong, so faultless dwindle away?
When we're raised in a generation that'd rather just stay a night
Despite the complications it brings
How are we then to take loyalty and companionship for granted?
Have we traded our morals for cheap drinks and one night stands?
Lost sight of what truly matters and strikes home
You have to open your heart to let love in
But once it's been broken…
How are we then to do it again?

‘Cause you don't know this mess that you made
(You'll always haunt his dreams)
And now his thoughts and regrets are displayed
(For everyone to see)

What you've known is different now
She's gone and I'm sorry but you have to accept it
Life's not always just
And I know that it hasn't been fair to you as of recent
But you have to believe that it'll be okay
And I know that it seems like everything that you ever believed in just walked out that door
But I swear that you won't one day think of her anymore

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