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Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor Op. 30: I. Allegro ma non tanto
by Sergei Rachmaninoff

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Comments from YouTube:

Robert Glynn

No one plays this as well. Now or in the past. She sets the standard. Incredible. The cadenza in the first movement (Ossia), is altogether on a different level to anything I have heard before. Listen to any of the Russians. Too slow, too thumping, not enough frantic energy. Most cant play fast enough.
A point about the tempo. She plays here with the LSO. This orchestra can play fast. They can keep up with her. I saw her play this in Munich last year. The conductor had to bust a gut to try to keep them with her. She slowed in order to help them. But it was a compromise she should not have had to make. It goes to show why great orchestras are great. They can do what is needed well. Viva LSO.
But all the praise must go to Valentina, for backing herself and producing the definitive Rach set; here with the third and especially with the second concerto. In Rach 2 we hear the second movement like it is a newly created piece. Its the same but a thing of such beauty in her hands that all other interpretations pale by comparison. I listened to Ashkenazi afterwards and knew immediately why her performance touched the soul so much more than his did. She is channelling the mind of the composer. I didn't know what he was trying to achieve. Perhaps consensus?

Christian Vennemann

Agreed. I love that she plays this at a faster pace than most pianists (as much as I love Denis Matsuev, he plays the first movement way too slowly for my taste), and I especially love that she plays the Ossia cadenza.

Pak Yu Kwok

I love the way Valentina pull up a storm with the LSO, tempestuo and electrified at 07:35. And also a surprise interpretation with the ossia cadenza! Bravo! This video must at least gain up to 100k views like other of her videos on her channel

Catalin Jarome

Perfect are the best Valentina

Last Part Of John 8:11

My grand dad knew Rachmaninoff well when he lived next door in Beverly Hills and used to bring him his cigarettes at the end of the month. He once took my granddad on his knee and played the famous c sharp minor prelude with just one hand. My granddad said it was the most thrilling thing he had ever heard. But once Horowitz came to ask Rachmaninov a question about how best to interpret the 3rd concerto last movement. Rachmaninov apparently didn't like Horowitz's question and promptly slammed the piano shut and said, with a heavy Russian accent 'Get out, you jelly-fingered mutt'. Strange story but my granddad always used to tell us all it at dinner time. Of course, it's not true, I just wanted to write a story that would keep Rachmaninov fans glued to my text.

Christian Vennemann

9:40 Ossia cadenza! :D

Christian Vennemann

I can play this...

Up to 0:46. :(

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