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Sevdaliza Lyrics

This feeling
Makes you feel grande
Yet this feeling
Makes me feel small
Don't oblige me what to feel
If I don't feel it at all
You ask me how I feel
Yet close your eyes
To truth be told

Whatever it is you demand of me
My love for this world
My love personally
Is larger than life
This is my story

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Thank You For All Your Support.

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gorgeous voice

Valentina Fandiño

I want people to listen to her music but, at the same time, I don't. Sev is like my little secret.

peter madsen

She is love.
Sharing her will make her grow.
Thereby having a bigger place in your heart.

Erika Davis

@Julios mind I think the purpose is for people to find this. She is for the seeker....

Kodokushi Hill

Small EXTREMELY dedicated fanbase, like ARCA or SOPHIE

Kinda classy Kinda Chola

I agree. People have to be opened minded to listen to this music 🎶 I haven’t shared either...

Kinda classy Kinda Chola

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Y'all realize how "woke" Sevdaliza is? She's wise beyond her years.

Diana C

@CHRISTI XX no need to explain, we know what you meant, some dont and for those explanations are pointless.

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