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Boll Weevil
Shocking Blue Lyrics

Well the first time I saw Bool Weevil
He was a-sittin' on a square
Well the next time that I saw him
He had his whole family there
Just a lookin' for a home

Well the farmer took the Bool Weevil
And pulled him on the red hot sand
Well the Weevil said: "It is mighty hot"
But I take it like a man
Just a lookin' for a home

Well, the Weevil said to the farmer:
"Sell your old machine
When we fill your cup
You can buy gasolino"
Just a lookin' for a home

Well if somebody should ask you
Who it was who sang this song
Say you set a beating from Oklahoma city

Just a lookin' for a home

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"Boll Weevil" is a traditional blues song, also known by similar titles such as "Boweavil" or "Boll Weevil Blues." Although many songs about the boll weevil were recorded by blues musicians during the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, this one has become well known, thanks to Lead Belly's rendition of it as recorded by folklorist Alan Lomax in 1934.

Warrington Minge

Been looking for this one for 40-odd years. My own stupid fault for forgetting it was Shocking Blue.

DRKru matters

More GREAT style and personality from Mariska and the guys!!!


A 1961 adaptation by Brook Benton became a pop hit, reaching number two on the Billboard Hot 100. There is also a monument in Enterprise, Alabama dedicated to this famous bug. Some Later versions Eddie Cochran - 1959 Shocking Blue - 1969 Jimmy Page - 1984 etc (Wikipedia)


Gracias por subirlo!!! Lo busqué muchísimo !!! Gracias nuevamente !!! (Thanks x uploading - I searched a lot - Thanks again )


Best Rendition Ever!!

Leon's Home Videos

hottest track

Дмитрий Рохин Челябинск

эта наша музыка!

Tan Coyer

Cracking Little Song! by one of the most underated bands ever, they should of been mega! they are to me!

Warrington Minge

Definitely underrated. Possibly the best Dutch band ever apart from Focus though Within Temptation give them a run for their money. Definitely the top three, they can arm wrestle for the top spot, I don"t care, love 'em all.

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