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Shpongle Falls
Shpongle Lyrics

"A circular vortex, spinning, spinning..."


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Charlie Warlie

15 or so years later, this music composition is still as fresh and sweet as the day it was released


About 20 now im pretty sure

Emil Wennborn

This album totally blew my mind when it was released and still does!

It's one of the classic game changers in music.

Still gives me goose bumps. Hauntingly beautiful

Joe Butta

because it's from the source, from us all...each an every one of each other's imagination's. collectively. that's what it's all all falls, falls to where it needs to be. I'm sure you already know Charlie. just letting you know you are not alone, we are still here.


Can't believe how awesome this song is. The soundscape, Raja Ram on the flute, deep, relaxing bass and those fucking perfect arps! Damn!
Simon Posford and Raja Ram are perfect couple hahah <3 can't wait for Shpongle 6! :D


Good to see you here <3


At a recent hi-fi meet the owner of the store we were at demoed this song on a pair of $130,000 speakers (Sonus Faber Aida II's). Needless to say it was quite the otherworldly experience. The soundscapes sounded like they were about 50 feet wide in front of us. After it was over one of the older dudes awoke from his trance and said "brings back memories".

MidnightSun 57

Holy shit this is awesome!
I never knew they had music like this... taking techno to a whole new level!
Thanks! 🙃


DMT is the track that gets played but THIS.... this is Shpongle :)

I'll never forget getting showed this when I was like 15 or 16, way back in high school before even Tales of the Inexpressible had come out. So glad they've become as popular as they have, because they were so cult for so long.


@Milkman his name was Andrew Hough (pronounced Huff) and he also showed me Mogwai "My Father My King" and Hallucinogen and it was with him where i first took mushrooms, hit a gravity bong, and watched The Wall (all 3 of those last ones were in one night haha).

I have no idea where he is in the world, probably dead. He went too far into psychedelics and lost grounding a bit.

We were just kids, stretching out into the cosmos. It was a ridiculous time, before widespread high-speed internet gave us everything at a moment's notice.

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